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Knock Knock!

Who’s there? A May Day bouquet, that’s who!

May I Help You?
We had such a nice surprise!
Swathes and swathes...
Getting that beautiful bouquet inspired me to go out into the garden. Here's a photo bluebells growing on either side of the sidewalk in my garden. My garden seems to be about pitting thugs against one another! These were accidentally imported into my garden when I got some dirt from a neighbor, but I'm glad they are here because they are beautiful, especially in big swathes.
I had a lovely cup of tea on my front stoop to celebrate spring.
I had a cup of tea on the front stoop and admired my beautiful teacup my friend Steve Kelly gave me. He makes beautifully shaped and colored hand-made ceramic pieces and I always feel like we're having a conversation when I use them.
Friend or Foe?
It's not as if I need a new project, but I've been keeping this invasive comfrey around partly because I love it (even though it's a thug) and partly because I want to try making green dye for dying fabric.
We need a little touch of the other primary colors before we go, no?

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