Pie Love

Mmmmm. Pie.
This is me in 2008 with a freshly baked pie, very likely blackberry from the thornless blackberry canes in my garden.

We all have a book we love so much that when a friend reads it for the first time we almost envy them their experience of discovering it for the first time. Well, that’s how I feel about pie, and when I read this blog post by Jennifer Willis about discovering the joys of baking pie, I felt the same way.

Her first pie ever! I am very impressed! I was fortunate enough to begin my pie baking career early in life, but the Jennifer's newly found passion for pie reminds me to appreciate all things pie!
Jennifer’s first pie ever! I am very impressed! It’s much fancier than mine was, which though I don’t have a specific memory of it, probably consisted of a few overworked scraps of pie dough topped with a dollop of fruit or sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.

I’ve been a devotee of pie since before I can remember. My mom, a talented pie maker who encouraged me to learn by giving me my own small enameled pie tins and letting me use the scraps from the big pies she made, even used to tease me because I loved eating pie crust raw! (I still do.) I’m delighted that Jennifer has pie in her life, and I’m even more excited that I have it in mine!

2 thoughts on “Pie Love”

  1. That blackberry pie looks positively scrumptious! We have some friends coming over Monday to help make improvements to the yard, and I may just have to bake a couple of pies for them . . .

    1. I think you may! Do you have berries and things growing in your yard? So far, what are your favorite flavors of pie?

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