Hipstamatic, Instagram, and Flickr

I’m having some fun with photography using my lovely new iPhone 5. Having instagram and flickr make it really easy to share images and also get that slight critical distance I only seem able to get when I show my work to others.

It’s interesting to note some theme emerging. It’s also really fun to have my camera with me on my morning walks. Since it’s winter, and I leave early, I have quite a few images of trees with bare branches. I just never seem to get tired of trees!

The app I like best is Hipstamatic. I have a bunch of the lenses and films they’ve released over the years because Chris has been collecting them. I’m really having fun using that app with random combinations. Then if I like a particular film/lens pairing, I save it as a favorite. Hipstamatic works well with instagram because they are both in the square format.

I’ve been doing lots of still life photography as well as sketching and posting other stuff on instagram and flickr. And now that it’s getting a bit warmer, I’ve gone further afield with my handy camera, just driving out to find images. Having the phone is very helpful for helping me get oriented to the landscape and also to help me find coffee and food along the way!

As is evident from this sampling of the photos I’ve shared, natural reflections and abstractions appeal to me a lot. Oh, and the mutts. Can’t forget them!

Hooray for Naupaka!

The beach of the mouth of the Lawa’i stream is the first glimpse a tourist gets of the Allerton Garden after boarding the tram (bus) from the South Shore Visitors Center near Po’ipu on Kaua’i. Our wonderful guide, Walt, stopped here for a moment to tell us a story.

Do you see those small green plants down on the beach, just on the other side of the stream? Some unimportant beach weed, one might presume. But it’s not. It’s called naupaka, or Scaevola taccada, and it’s in the Lobelia family, and it’s important, especially if you love turtles.

It seems that when a female Green Sea Turtle crawls out of the sea she notices what’s growing there and if the first plant she bumps into is not naupaka, she’ll turn right around and look for another beach. Turtles nested on the Lawa’i beach until 1992 when Hurricane Iniki  ripped through the Allerton garden. After several years of no turtles nesting on the beach, NTBG volunteers replanted naupaka. The following year, Green Sea Turtles returned to lay their eggs on the beach. Hooray!

The cove of the Allerton garden on Kauai, one of the gardens that makes up the National Tropical Botantical Garden. Sea Turtles have come back to lay their eggs here since garden volunteers and staff replanted naupaka.

Forbidden Colors

My sun sign horoscope from Free Will Astrology for the week of May 16, 2021

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): You may not have heard about the
“forbidden colors.” And you certainly haven’t seen them, even though
they exist. They’re reddish green and yellowish blue, which the cells of
your retina are not built to register. However, scientists have figured out
a trick by which these hues can be made visible. A few lucky people have
actually caught a glimpse of them. I bring this to your attention, Aquarius,
because I suspect you are close to experiencing a metaphorical version of
this breakthrough — seeing something that is supposedly impossible to

For more about Hidden Colors go here.

Knock Knock!

Who’s there? A May Day bouquet, that’s who!

May I Help You?
We had such a nice surprise!
Swathes and swathes...
Getting that beautiful bouquet inspired me to go out into the garden. Here's a photo bluebells growing on either side of the sidewalk in my garden. My garden seems to be about pitting thugs against one another! These were accidentally imported into my garden when I got some dirt from a neighbor, but I'm glad they are here because they are beautiful, especially in big swathes.
I had a lovely cup of tea on my front stoop to celebrate spring.
I had a cup of tea on the front stoop and admired my beautiful teacup my friend Steve Kelly gave me. He makes beautifully shaped and colored hand-made ceramic pieces and I always feel like we're having a conversation when I use them.
Friend or Foe?
It's not as if I need a new project, but I've been keeping this invasive comfrey around partly because I love it (even though it's a thug) and partly because I want to try making green dye for dying fabric.
We need a little touch of the other primary colors before we go, no?



He was my sweet kitty cat for 11 and 1/2 years and I still miss him terribly. This little photo of him used to be taped to the top of my Mac Quadra computer, purchased in 1993 and then on my eMac purchased in about 2004. I recently took the images, one of Zooey and the other of my childhood cat, Joe, off the eMac before donating it to Free Geek.

I probably printed this picture in the Portland State Daily Vanguard darkroom in 1994 or 1995 while I was a staff photographer there. Seeing it reminds me of Zooey and makes my heart ache, but it also reminds me of all the hours I spent in that darkroom. Today I spent several hours cleaning my current-yet-not-currently-in-use darkroom and found six rolls of b&w 120 film that have been exposed but not developed, which I must have shot with my Holga or Diana sometime between 2003 and 2006. Not only do I have an enormous curiosity to see those images, but there are so many others that have only ever been seen by me (or anyone) with a loupe or, at best, on a contact sheet.

The darkroom gear is all neatly sorted now and packed up, but I miss making pictures in a darkroom. Maybe it’s time to fire up the enlarger, turn on the fan, and work some of that magic that only happens in the rosy glow of a safe-light.


It’s the heart of winter and I decided to start a blog. Guess what color I’m thinking about most? Not the deep muddy greens, browns and yellows of winter, though they are beautiful. No. Right now I’m obsessed with pink.

A yellowy-orange pink radiates from the center of this fading rose.
And there's the clear light pink of the Peony that has a bit more blue in it but still retains a yellowish tinge.

This gorgeous Hollyhock has a whole different color also called pink. No yellow in sight. The blue has take over and pushed it toward purple.
I love the opaque bluish pink of these sumptuous cosmos.

Pink. I like it.