Because I’m getting back into working with watercolor after several years, I decided to make a few palettes to re-familiarize myself the colors I had in my collection by making some palettes. I’m getting ready to go to New York (!) in a week and a half, and I’ve decided to bring a sketchbook, a watercolor block, and some paints. I’ll probably stick with a limited palette based around ultramarine blue, cerulean blue, cadmium yellow pale, alizarin crimson, and spectrum red.

More Flames

Original Sketch using Adobe Ideas on the iPad. Lise Petrauskas

Look! It’s another doodle with a flame theme. I have been doing lots of sketching on the iPad, and, as before, using Adobe Ideas. I love it. The folks at Adobe Touch (at least the ones who post on twitter) gave me some positive feedback and wanted to know if I clean them up in PhotoShop. I don’t. I’m doing everything on the iPad using the eraser tool. I’ve got about five or six pretty complex doodles in process right now, and this is the only one finished enough to post. I am grateful for the intrest from Adobe and am motivated to keep sketching!

A Sample of What I’ve Been Doing Lately

Adobe Ideas for iPad Vector illustration
A doodle I made in Adobe Ideas for iPad.

Hello peeps!  Since we last talked I’ve been doing lots of things. I baked a rhubarb raspberry pie. I made soup from a giant head of cauliflower that I accidentally discovered in my garden—it must have been a volunteer from some cauliflower I tried to grow about four years ago. I’ve finally gotten my soaker hoses set up and reorganized my studio shelves. I’ve been photographing and playing with presets in Aperture. I’ve been reading some really good books that I want to talk about…. But it will all have to wait until until July, because right now I can’t because —drumroll —I’m going to Hawaii!

I’m going to Hawaii! I’ve never been to Hawaii. I’ve been lucky enough to travel quite a bit, but  I’ve never been anywhere tropical, and I’m about to burst I’m so excited! I know the Pacific Ocean very well from a West Coast point of view. Growing up my bedroom window was close enough to the surf to get coated with salt scum. I’ve seen storms approach from the West. I’ve seen the sun setting. At night I’ve looked out and seen the lights of crab boats strung across the dark.  And now I’m going to be out there myself, further west than I’ve ever been.  I can’t wait to see what it’s like out there, looking towards my home from the opposite direction. I’ve never done that before.